Big Tech Censorship And Lack of Privacy Integrity

Jan 15, 2021 | Blog

We have entered into to some very interesting times. Big tech censorship is at an all time high, which I find concerning to say the least. I have seen it start to escalate more and more over the last few years, and I really started to notice it this past year. It is a problem when you want to publicly share an ethically sourced, fact based news article, and because it does not fit a certain narrative, it is blocked on social media.

We will never find the real truth if this continues into the future. I’m an advocate of being able to aggregate all the information, from all sources. It’s the only way to find the truth – for it is usually found somewhere in the middle.

The lack of privacy integrity within some of these companies is something we all need to take a hard look at moving forward. In a recent article posted by The Sun UK, it covers how WhatsApp, a popular messaging app, laid out new terms for it’s users asking them to let Facebook Inc collect their user data in the United States. If users would not agree, they would lose access to their accounts.

This would include certain information like your phone number, information about who you interact with, how often and how long you use the app. Read Full Article

This is something I completely disagree with.

It feels like we are coming to the end of something and entering into the the beginning of something else. There is a big tech exodus happening all over the world. Many people feel that some of these tech companies have gone too far – and I’m one of them.