Healing Cancer Green Juice

Mar 1, 2021 | Blog

As many of you know, I am an advocate of juicing vegetables for optimal health, especially when it comes to healing your body. Juicing worked wonders for me when I was on my cancer journey ten years ago ,and I always tell people it was one of the most important things I did to get my health and life back.

It wasn’t always easy. Some days I didn’t feel like drinking or eating anything at all, but I always made sure I got my green juices down the hatch. In my mind they were “medicine”. I knew how important they were and I never wanted to miss having them, even though I couldn’t stand the smell of them. I just plugged my nose and chugged them down. On a good day I could have six, and on the days where I was struggling I always tried to have at least two juices.

Knowing that I had drank my green juice always gave me reassurance that I was staying on track and in alignment with my goal, especially on those tougher days.

Juicing vegetables had a significant impact on my cancer recovery and healing my body – no doubt at all!

Here is the recipe for my Healing Cancer Green Juice:

1 cucumber

8-12 celery stalks

Handful of pea sprouts

I use an Omega Juicer