Health Benefits Of Cucumbers

Oct 3, 2021 | Blog

Did you know that eating cucumbers are an awesome way to combat inflammation and pesky free radicals? They are also naturally “cooling” and work great at preventing overheating and dehydration.
The juice from cucumbers has been used as an electrolyte enhancer – long before energy drinks like vitamin water became available on the market. Cucumber juice is also loaded with antioxidants and helps alkalize the body. Cucumbers were one of the main ingredients that I used in my Healing Cancer Green Juice recipe to overcome terminal cancer over 10 years ago. You can find that juice recipe here
Health Benefits Of Cucumbers:
☑️ Cancer fighting antioxidants
☑️ High in nutrients
☑️ Helps detoxify the body
☑️ Hydrates and soothes skin
☑️ Helps improve heart health
☑️ Improves digestion
☑️ Helps alkalize the body
☑️ Supports strong bones
☑️ Helps prevent headaches
☑️ Helps depuff swollen eyes
Gotta love cucumbers!
If you would like to learn more about the health benefits of cucumbers, you can read the full article from Dr. Axe here