About Inspiring Conscious Beginnings

In 2011, Mark Auger was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Against all odds he overcame the illness. Going through this experience changed his life forever. He realized that his purpose in life was to give back to others.

Mark is passionate about creating positive change and making a difference so, in 2013, he founded Inspiring Conscious Beginnings with the goal of supporting others. He realized it was important to share his story and for others who have experienced similar life changing events to share their journeys too. His ambition was to inspire hope in others.

By early 2014, Mark realized he could do so much more for the community and so ICB became a registered not-for-profit community organization known as Inspiring Conscious Beginnings Humanitarian Services which focuses on helping children in need.

Once ICB was established, it evolved further and began hosting Transformational Events. These events are aimed at providing a venue for people to come and experience spiritual, emotional and physical healing opportunities, with proceeds raised from each event benefitting children in need. Mark hopes that by attending an event it may assist a person in unlocking their inner potential and help them realize their true power.

Mark’s goal is to bring people together in a common vision and spread the word of hope. He feels that each of us needs to follow our own hearts, but come together as one to make a difference in our world. We can create positive change within the collective consciousness by standing strong together and supporting one another.

Board of Directors

Executive Director: Mark Auger

You can reach Mark by email at: icb@markauger.ca

Treasurer: Barbara Clark

Barb is a caring person with empathy for others. She is honoured to be part of ICB and looks forward to making a positive difference within the community.

email : brclark@sentex.ca

Promotions Manager: Brenda Auger

Brenda is a compassionate and caring person who finds great joy in helping others. She is very excited to be part of ICB and is committed to making a difference in our community.

email: mbauger1950@gmail.com

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Mark Auger

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