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ICB Radio The Mark Auger Podcast, hosted by Inspiring Conscious Beginnings Founder and terminal cancer survivor, Mark Auger, explores consciousness, health, lifestyle and more. Sit back and enjoy some transformative conversation. 

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Past Episodes

Finding Your Purpose

Mark discusses how to find and live in alignment with your purpose.

Vedic Astrology

Mark is joined by Vedic Astrology researcher, Nick Fuller, and they discuss Vedic Astrology, planets, and how these planets may affect our everyday lives.

Experiencing Synchronicity

Mark is joined by his sister, Holly, and they discuss some of the synchronicities they experienced while on Mark’s journey of healing terminal cancer.

The History Of The Essene Nation

Mark is joined by Christopher Dean, an Essene Pastor and Essene Priest to discuss the history of the Essene Nation, Essene Values, Olivia Manitara and Essene Villages. Christopher delivers a presentation which is followed by a discussion with Mark.

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