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One-on-one Mentoring Sessions with Mark Auger

Mark-AugerIn 2011, Mark Auger was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Against all odds he overcame the illness. Going through this experience changed Mark’s life forever. He realized his purpose in life was to give back to others.

Mark gained a wealth of knowledge going through such an experience. He understands what it takes to heal and overcome the illness, and is excited to share his perspective with others.

During a mentoring session Mark will provide insight from his own journey and make suggestions that you may want to think about moving forward. The content for each mentoring session will include:

  • Food And Lifestyle
  • Consciousness Elements
  • Healing And Energy Healing

How a One-on-One online video session with Mark works:

  • Book a session online. A session is approximately 60 mins in duration – $99 for a mentoring session.
  • Payment for the session via pay pal, or credit card. You will be emailed a receipt once payment is received.
  • You will receive an email confirmation. You will receive a 2nd email from Mark with a time for your session. The video service Mark uses is ZOOM(similar to Skype). You will receive a URL designation for ZOOM that you use to connect with Mark the day of your mentoring session. ( If the internet disconnects, or you lose contact you will reconnect with Mark to finish the session guaranteed.)

* Mark will do a mentoring session by phone if it best fits your needs.

If you have been diagnosed with cancer and you are looking for some assistance to help guide you in the right direction to heal, Mark is happy to help you on your journey.

Disclaimer:  I am not a medical doctor, nutritionist, or dietician. I do not hold a degree in dietetics, nutrition or medicine. I make no claims to any specialized medical training, or do I dispense medical advice or prescriptions. A mentoring session is not meant to diagnose or treat any illnesses. It is intended to be provided for educational, informational and self empowerment purposes only.

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Cancellation Policy:

A full refund will only be given where written cancellation is received at least 24 hours prior to your session.